Kitchen with white cabinets

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Cabinet Moulding & Accents

Tying your style together

Thoughtful details make a design feel complete, and even little details can make a big impact. Our selection of cabinet moulding and accents gives you the options you need to make every room you create feel special and unique. 

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Aristokraft crown moulding in white

Moulding atop (or below) a wall cabinet lends a finishing touch to even the simplest room plan. Use one of our crown moulding pieces alone, or combine two or more mouldings to create a stacked look. From simple to elaborate – and everywhere in between – moulding can capture a multitude of styles. 


Aristokraft wooden corbel

Corbels in a cabinet design can be used for practical purposes – island, bar or shelf support – or simply to create a beautiful accent that plays off of your architectural style. Keep in mind that if supporting substantial weight, your corbel needs to be properly installed driven in a wall stud. For example, when selecting a heavy granite top, there must be a corbel support every 36 inches. 

Legs & Feet

Aristokraft white cabinet leg

Like corbels, decorative legs and feet can serve a practical purpose – and look great doing it. Use a leg to create a seating area at an island or just show them off as a decorative accent.